Ray ZR

Ray ZR

The design realizes the “Real Boy’s Scooter” concept by balancing the deeply-sculpted and powerful front mask, effortlessly-layered straight lines, and tail surround accentuated with a sense of speed. The Cygnus Ray-ZR is powered by an air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve 113cc “BLUE CORE” engine with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) unit. It features a lightweight body (103 kg) with glamorous design and offers user-friendliness. The main features also include, An engine with high combustion efficiency to offer among the best fuel efficiency in its class at 66 km/L* (*under standard test conditions), Plenty of storage space (21 litres under seat storage), Newly designed instrument cluster with excellent readability, even at night and Tubeless tyres.

Rayz R comes with two eye-catching colors for its disk brake model to fulfill the needs of trend-conscious young riders. It will also be available in two different colors for its drum brake variant.

Ray-ZR was developed around the concept of a “Next-Generation Real Boy’s Scooter”. The new model actively adopts the latest trends among young people. It takes on a new exterior design characterized by a sense of dynamism and layered forms that gives a fresh look like no other scooter before and expresses the strength of a well-trained physique.

*Mileage under standard test condition.


Powerful 113cc Blue Core Engine

Powered with an air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve 113cc “BLUE CORE” engine with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) unit which provides both smooth initial acceleration and a pleasing feeling of pickup. also features technologies that reduce horsepower loss like a roller rocker arm, and achieves excellent fuel efficiency and running performance. It is tuned with settings that provide easy-to-use power, especially in the extremely low- and low-speed ranges.

CVT unit that provides both smooth initial acceleration and pleasing passing acceleration
The performance with this CVT unit is characterized by smooth initial acceleration and pleasing pickup. The CVT settings are meant to make the machine accelerate smoothly when the throttle is applied slowly for starting out from a stop, and to respond with quick, spritely acceleration when the throttle is applied quickly for passing, etc. In particular, this CVT unit has been designed with optimized gear ratios and special attention to the sheave and V-belt specifications. A clutch plate with outstanding abrasion and heat resistance is adopted to ensure solid transmission of the drive force.

BS carburetor with TPS for better performance, fuel efficiency and emissions
A BS24 carburetor with a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is adopted. In combination with the CVT unit’s performance, this carburetor helps provide (1) outstanding running performance, (2) excellent fuel efficiency and (3) cleaner emissions. The use of the TPS enables 3D mapped control of ignition advance to ensure that ignition is timed according to engine rpm and throttle opening. This is a key feature that brings out the engine’s easy-to-use character.

Two-Level (Raised Rear) Seat For Great Comfort

A two-level seat (raised rear section) with a sporty look is adopted. The tandem seat portion is given slightly softer cushioning and has about 10 mm more cushioning material thickness than on the current model.

The sitting spot is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from the tandem rider’s weight to reduce fatigue and increase comfort, even during longer rides. Also, an aluminum grab-bar with the same coloring as the model’s body parts is adopted.

Front Disc Brake And Alloy Wheels

A 170 mm diameter disc brake is adopted for the front wheel. This brake features excellent operational feel and contributes to light, agile performance.

This comes with newly designed lightweight cast aluminum alloy wheels. The combined weight of the front and rear wheels is lighter . This also reduces the inertial moment of the steering assembly and thus, contributes to light, agile handling characteristics.

Grab Bar With “Rising Air Tail” Design

The grab-bar, with its “rear wing” (spoiler) appearance, is meant to further intensify the image of straight lines dominating the design, while its balance in relation to the body lines also accentuates the image of power. The undulating look of this rear assembly also creates a sense of speed.

Furthermore, the adoption of a sporty-looking two-level seat helps give this model a distinctive silhouette that sets it apart from existing family-use scooters. These two elements, the tail assembly and seat, combine to create the “Rising Air Tail” design image.

Large Underseat Storage

The underseat compartment has an approx. 21-liter capacity that is more than sufficient to hold a full-face helmet

Key Shutter Locking System

Park your RayZR without worrying about theft. With its special key shutter locking system, a duplicate key just won’t work.

Edgy Tail Light

Give the world a style to follow. This new & aggressive tail light with the rising tail is hard to miss out.

Deeply Sculpted Front Mask

The front mask (face) uses straight, strong lines that are complemented by the expression of the newly designed headlight to create a distinctive and deeply sculpted appearance.

Large Front Pockets

The front pocket is large enough to fit one 500 mL plastic drink bottle. A convenience hook (maximum load capacity of 1.5 kg) for hanging bags, etc., is positioned below the seat in the foot well.

Cool Instrument Cluster

A new instrument cluster with an analog needle-type speedometer is adopted. Light guides are positioned to illuminate the main dial and give it an especially 3-dimensional appearance. The instrument cluster with excellent readability, even at night.

Biker’s Swag

The front fender adopted on this model is a movable type that follows the movement of the front wheel. Its shape is designed to harmonize with the machine’s exterior styling and add to the sporty look of the machine’s silhouette. Of course, it is also designed to provide excellent protection against mud splatter.



Matt Green

Armada Blue

Maverick Blue

Rooster Red


Engine typeAir-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement113 CC
Maximum Horse Power5.3kw (7.2PS)/7500rpm
Maximum torque8.1 N.m / 5000 rpm
Starting SystemElectric and Kick
LubricationWet Sump
Cylinder layoutSingle cylinder
Fuel Tank Capacity5.2L
Ignition SystemC.D.I (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)
Fuel supplyCarburetor
Overall Length x Width x Height1,820mm x700 mm / 690 mm x 1,115 mm
Wet Weight (Disk/Drum)103kg / 105kg
Wheelbase1,270 mm
Minimum ground clearance130 mm
Seat height775 mm
Shift TypeV-belt automatic
Tire Size(Front & Rear)90/100-10 53J Tubeless
Brake Type(Front)(Disk/Drum)Hydraulic single disc brake / Mechanical leading trailing drum brake
Rear brakeMechanical leading trailing drum brake
Suspension Type(Front)Telescopic Fork
Suspension Type(Rear)Unit Swing
Diameter of brake disk170mm
Wheel Travel(Front)90mm
Wheel Travel(Rear)75mm
Headlight Bulb TypeHalogen Bulb
Brake/Taillight12V,21/5W x 1
Turn Signal Light(Front & Rear)12V, 10W x 2
Fuel GaugeAnalogue

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